On the San Francisco Pier in the summer of 2007


From twelve to twenty-two years old, Timothy Young and I have been best friends. We have grown exponentially together, supporting one another with unwavering friendship. He’s been my rock all these years throughout every trial and achievement.

Call us “soul siblings,” “twin flames,” or just “best friends for life” — we won’t deny that our friendship has felt remarkably natural all these years.


Wishing Tim a bon voyage before his 2010 year abroad in Germany



We balance each others’ energies like yin and yang. Our foundational core values ring the same tune, yet our unique skills and perspectives shape us into the ideal team.

We’re immeasurably fortunate to have each other in our lives. It’s a common expression of gratitude between us that we wouldn’t be the individuals we are today without the other’s support. It’s heartbreaking to recognize that many people pass through their entire lives without having a bond like this.

People from a wide variety of backgrounds have asked us over the years: “How do you do it?” From maintaining healthy relationships¬†to achieving in school and work, yet still having such wild stories to share… In truth, it’s been an abstruse question for us as well.


The moment our mothers first met at our 2013 high school graduation

While we will never claim to have any answers, we’re happy to support others in their related journeys. We’ve learned through our friendship the immense worth of being able to discuss any imaginable¬†topic, express yourself honestly, and have access to enlightening resources when you need them. Perhaps by writing about our experiences, lessons learned, and growing pains, we can contribute to those universal needs.

Learn from our mistakes, muster motivation from our courage, find inspiration in our optimistic grins– we invite you into our most raw stories to retrieve the insight that may serve you well. Everyone has wisdom we can all learn from– please share yours with us, too.
Let’s spark the dialogue toward a better world and more beautiful lives.


Celebrating the magic of life together at the 2015 Coachella Music & Arts Festival